Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Curious Case of First Bike Accident

Had a first fall from my cycle today. And I am feeling happy about it. :)

So the first reaction of people in my part of world is "umm... see cycling is unsafe, you never know who hits you". Well, have a break I can not help think otherwise.

First It was not that some rash motor driver hit me, on the contrary I hit someone and he was walking. Not that I was rash but there was a confusion which I believe is reason of most of the accidents on the road.Well the incident goes like this:
The pedestrian was crossing the road and he had  a backpack on his back. Some how I missed his speed and backpack in my calculation and I think he turned a bit so my handle hit his bag and lo! cycle was on the ground and I was on my hands. I fell and a moment later I was happy, not that there was some brain damage but I had a few observations on accidents and biking, here I put them:

- Severity is less.I fell down and I could very quickly be in self control. I also drive motorcycle or car and the at the time of this accident the degree of uncontrolled motion was far less this time. The reason was lesser speed and manageable weight of my vehicle compared to motor-cycle/car and hence lesser uncontrolled fall or motion. So lesser severity and more safety.

- It's not first time I fell on my hands and the first thing I checked was how bad the scratches are there in my palms. Well I was happily surprised to see the scratches are almost none. Reasons should be obvious again. It has to do with speed. Because of lesser speed dragging on the road becomes almost impossible unlike motor-bikes.

-Again it's first time accident on my bicycle in last one and a quarter year. The rate of accident is almost equal if not less than motor-cycle and far lesser than the accidents happen while you are driving a car. No doubt randomness has its roll always and no hard claims here but I always felt like on bicycle I am prone to lesser accidents.

Well these are my two cents and I am happy (and safe) after the accident.

Disclaimer:Oh dear God don't take it otherwise not that I am too happy to fall down always. This is not I ask for me or anyone else.

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