Friday, November 04, 2011

9 Things You Could Do To Promote Cycling Being A Motorist

Lets live up the fact. In most parts of the world and in many roads cyclists and motorists share the same road and will continue to do the same for a significant time to come. Many of us fit into both the categories of cyclists and motorists. If we learn to share roads we all will be better off. It will help not only in making the roads safer for both cyclists and motorists but will also be a key point in promoting cycling for the benefit of community and individuals. There are a few simple practices motorists can adopt for immediate benefit of cyclists.

1. Horn Not Okay Please!!!
Unless necessary avoiding honking is a good practice in general. But for cyclists motor horns are more painful as they are not covered inside a car and unlike motorbike helmets cycle helmets generally do not cover ears of the drivers and believe me horns from near distance are bitter reality for a cyclist.

2. Pollution Under Control
If your car or motorbike or any vehicle is not tested for that, please go and get it tested today. Helps a cyclist keeping his cool. And of course helps walkers, other drivers and environment too.

3. Switch-off Your Vehicle if You are Stopping at Red Signals
Signal stoppages many times serve cyclists as a welcome break. If you are going to stop at a signal for a decent amount of time switching-off engine could get you a peaceful silent thanks from a cyclist.

4. Anticipate Cyclists
Cyclists sometimes may not be visible or audible at turns or at night. Please anticipate them as you anticipate cars or other vehicles. This will keep you safe from making sudden decisions and will make roads safer for cyclists.

5. Get the Hang of Communication with Cyclists
They use the mighty hand signals and quick eye contacts are great confidence boosters at crossing. For me when I am riding, hand signals are musts and I love eye contacts. It is more human and shows that driver is as alert as he should be.

6. Give Enough Room
Please give room for the cyclists, drive farther from them. Please wait for a while if you can. Believe me there is no harm in waiting. This is a very important aspect where the traffic is more and requires greater understanding from the motorists. One hundred thanks in advance for this one.

7. Respect the Cycle Lanes
Remember the cycle lanes at the turns. A cyclists may be going straight when you are taking a turn. Also save the cycle lanes existence by not using them as parking ways or not using them as quick shortcut. While this usually may not be a practice in your area but some places it's a sad thing which happens. Recently a cycle path was closed down in Mumbai because people started using it for parking. Here.

8. Understand, Respect, Interact:
Please understand why cyclists are cycling. The reason can be traffic, environment, economic or some other. Whatever be the reason, cyclists are also equal users of road. Try to interact with them whenever necessary. And yeah, cyclists generally enjoy there rides, giving a smile, making a friendly gestures adds a lot more bliss in there ride and a smile in return will lift your mood up too.

9. Bike Up!!!
And get a million thanks from all the bikers readily. Nothing helps a cyclist more then one less automobile on the road. If you can not bike always you can try replacing short, near home trips for starters or may be take cycle for your commute once a week. If you need reasons you can see the links in the end.

I would like to hear from other cyclists about what contains their wishlist on the road.

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